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Student Royalists
A very interesting story unravelling right now:

A group of native Hawaiians occupied the grounds of the old Hawaiian monarchy's royal residence Wednesday, vowing to stay and do the business of the kingdom's government.

"It is through a greater realm than ours" that the group took this action, said Mahealani Kahau, elected leader of the group, called Hawaiian Kingdom Government. "Today and every day, we will be here to assume our role."

The group is one of several in Hawaii that reject statehood and seek to return to the constitutional monarchy that effectively ended in 1893 when a group of politicians, businessmen and sugar planters -- aided by the U.S. minister to Hawaii -- overthrew the kingdom's government.

The monarchist groups say that the kingdom was overthrown and annexed into the United States illegally.

Read more here:

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Student Royalists
02 November 2007 @ 08:22 pm
I don't think this is royalist, but it sure as hell is funny.


-Kathy S.
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Student Royalists
01 November 2007 @ 08:07 pm
This excerpt from a local color American late 19th century novel is possibly one of the sweetest things I have read recently. A little background: it is set in a small fishing village in Maine, thus evoking a more static, old world New England country charm, and the way of life produced by rural isolation, and a deeper appreciation of one's roots, history and family ties. A bit long of an excerpt, and possibly dull reading to some, but I believe it is worth while. I would like to call on you all to discuss it.

From The Country of the Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne Jewett.


The inspiration:

-Don Lockwood
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Student Royalists
08 September 2007 @ 01:06 am
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Student Royalists
29 August 2007 @ 04:02 pm
With all the joy and merriment the generations have been provided by the existence of such a person in the house of Hanover, one would do well to think on the Prince of Wales, Prince Regent, and King George IV with fondness. Whatever his personal faults, the lasting treasure of such a comical figure in history can never be one to regret. Where would we be without his inspiration? No Scarlet Pimpernel, to Blackadder the Third, no Beau Brummell either real or fantastical.

I would be quite content to have been George. In fact, the ever present worry in all of us living under the tyranny of the Western 21st century - (gasp) weight gain - is soothed in my mind by this example. You do not cease to exist once you have filled out a bit! No, it only becomes a symbol and reminder of your lavish and wasteful lifestyle! Observe..

A Prince (Gainsborough and pre The Body Dandiacal)

A King (and incidentally, post-Brummell)

See? Dashing, substantial.. is there no ugliness that cannot be masked by exquisite tailoring and a wind machine? (and it should be mentioned, Sir Thomas Lawrence. That helps too.)

One thing I have over the prince is that I have no inclination to gamble... though given lack of video games and permission to indulge in pantomime, who knows? At any rate I am just as likely to have built up as much debt, if not by the same means, then probably by others.

So before you go around (as I'm sure you do) calling out Fat George etc., you'd do well to remind yourself that he is responsible for the National Gallery, which if you're anything like me, is responsible for a good half of your involuntary wet dreams.

Thank God for a King like George. And on the subject of wet dreams, check out this Georgian tailoring. Morning gowns. Ho baby.

Submitted Humbly by Cosmo Brown, Sartorial and Satirical Adviser to the Crown
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Student Royalists
24 August 2007 @ 09:44 pm

Tzar Nicholas and the Family

Tzar Nicholas and Tzarevich Alexei

Alexei during his last bout of illness before his assassination, imprisoned at the Ipatiev House

Bones found by Russian builder finally solve riddle of the missing Romanovs

What I find truly noble about this is the builder's reaction. His first thought: "This is momentous" for Russian history, the monarchy, the people, the entire country and the world. His second, a pure expression of a deeply personal feeling, a happiness that at last the family will be together in death. It speaks volumes, I feel for the country and the scar these murders and that revolution left. I really hope the DNA tests come through for the sake of the Romanovs and Russia.

~Don Lockwood.
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Student Royalists
12 July 2007 @ 02:39 am
Short Article by the Daily Mail about a New Documentary About the Work and Lives of the English Royal Family

This looks FANTASTIC - and very pro royalist, or at least Windsor-sympathetic. Yes, there are some people who must be REMINDED that the Windsors are actually human beings, with personalities and feelings, and pride in their heritage and work. I think the film The Queen did a lot for this outlook - and it is probably the reason this documentary was made too.

(thanks to my parents, even though they are republicans, for showing me this link)